Small Business Revenue Boosters You May Not Have Considered Yet

Thursday, November 19th 7:30am-10:30am:  Join industry specialists to learn facets you can use to potentially increase the value of your small business. Dave Zimmerman, Amy Romines and Aaron Rosenberg will walk you through how wealth solutions, management, and data play a part in successfully running your business.

Wealth Solutions:
Are you prepared to turn your business assets to valuable streams of income or cash when assets become your source of financial independence?

  • The 7 Step Exit Planning Process
  • Leaving your business with dignity
  • Creating value for future successors
  • Transferring your business from “us” to “them”

Changing sales behaviors means permanently changing sales results.

  • Topline revenue growth and margins to match it
  • Sales forecasts and gap measurement
  • Behavioral expectations and inspection

In a data driven world you need accurate information to make decisions about your organization.

  • Coach to a goal
  • Create accurate revenue forecasts
  • Create a culture of accountability

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