Speaking at Kentucky Society of CPA’s event at Churchill Downs

What a Kentucky Derby!! Now while my main horse I liked going into it was Midnight Interlude, I am happy to say that about 10 minutes before the Derby race started I declared on Facebook that Animal Kingdom was my upset pick.  Lucky for me, I was right.

Speaking of the Kentucky Derby and it’s home, Churchill Downs, I will be at Churchill this Friday, May 13th with the Kentucky Society of CPA’s.  I will be giving a talk about efficiency in accounting software (for CPE credit if you are local and need it!).

The main issue I hear from customers nowadays is inefficiency.  Either because their systems simply are not integrated and “talking to one another” or there is a huge issue with getting viable reports out of their current system and they are having to utilize Excel or other programs to help them create reports.

Employees can spend a lot of time working outside of their ERP/accounting software instead of working in it and keeping their business flowing.  These people become “comfortable in their pain” and don’t even realize how much of a mess they potentially have become.  If any employee spends just 10 minutes a day re-keying data from one system to another or putting things in Excel, etc., then that employee will lose 5-plus days of production over the course of a year.  Not to mention all of the mistakes that are made when re-keying data.

Does any of this sound like you or someone you know?   Here are a few key questions to be asking yourself or your friends and customers.

What ERP/accounting software package are you currently using and is it right for your business?

Are you working outside of the system to create reports and processes in programs such as Excel and Access due to the limitations your current software has?

Take an honest look and is your accounting software REALLY working for you, or are you having to find ways to work around it?

If any of those questions makes you scratch your head a bit about your current processes in your software, then it might be time to take a good hard look at what you have going on and we at Oasis Solutions Group can help you with that process.  Call Shawn Howe at 502-429-6902 x. 232 for a free analysis of your current processes.


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