Start 2014 with Improved Efficiencies and a Paperless Strategy

The new year is quickly approaching and your planning is probably well underway. If you haven’t already thought about it, this is a good time to consider your strategy in regards to processing paper. Are you missing opportunities for improved efficiencies with the software you already own?

If you’re using Sage 100 ERP version 4.3 and above, you already own Paperless Office, but we find that many people aren’t making good use of it. If you are still storing your documents in filing cabinets and routing paper documents via mail or courier, there are opportunities for cost saving you haven’t taken advantage of. Paperless Office allows you to save documents electronically where they are secured and can be easily accessed. It also gives you the ability to send documents via email or fax to save on printing and mailing costs.

Once you start experiencing the improved efficiency and cost savings, you may find that there are other areas of your business that have paper that needs to be stored. When you’re ready to take document management to the next level, we have an add-on to Paperless Office called PaperlessPLUS that allows you to store all of your documents in a secure repository outside of Sage that can be accessed by users with appropriate security rights without needing a Sage user license. It also adds the ability to structure electronic workflows so you can add automation and manage to the exception rather than the rule.

If you haven’t started thinking about the best way to handle documents within your organization, we recommend attending our webinar presentation of both the Paperless Office functionality you already own, and the added functionality PaperlessPLUS offers. Reserve your spot now for this 30 minute presentation on Wednesday, December 4th at 2 pm EST


Please contact Elaine Lytle-Case with questions at or 502-429-6902 ext. 235.

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