Struggling with Change and Inefficiencies?

How many of us are faced with knowing that we have inefficiencies resulting in everything from double entry, multiple databases to maintain, resistance to change “because we’ve always done it this way”, plus much more? But everyone is busy, over-worked and stressed. On top of that, where do you even begin to identify opportunities for improvement?

A business process analysis could be the solution. How does it work?

Call Oasis and discuss your current issues or concerns.


  • Inefficiencies in your shipping department
  • Inconsistencies and lack of communication between your Sales Team and Account Team
  • Poor integration between web shopping cart system (eCommerce) and your ERP software

The issues faced daily by small and medium businesses are common and many.

After you call, the appropriate specialist will be given details of the original discovery call and will follow-up with a proposed plan. Example: a specialist will come on-site and directly observe your processes for 1 to 2 days, conduct employee interviews and then follow-up with a very detailed analysis including recommendations. The analysis can be a detailed Word document or more streamlined using a Visio Flowchart.

If you would like an example of an Oasis Business Analysis, please contact Pam Scott, Director of Client Services at (502) 429-6902 ext 221 or

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