Tech: Your Email Address Has Changed on Facebook. Did You Notice?

The email address (or addresses) displayed on your Facebook profile has changed. The email address listed on Facebook now consists of whatever is at the end of your Facebook URL with added to the end.

Ex: If my Facebook URL were, my email address would be (BTW, it’s not)

While this change may be annoying, it’s not as scary or dramatic as it might seem. While this is a problem there are several things you should know. The email you receive at the Facebook email address winds up in your Facebook inbox. Didn’t know you had one? Join the group! Many people don’t know how to check their email messages on Facebook. If you’re like the majority of users you probably prefer to receive email in your actual email inbox. Facebook didn’t alter the default address on your account, only what’s visible on your profile. You’ll still receive those email updates when you receive a message, are tagged in a photo, are mentioned in a post, etc. in your default address.

If the alteration concerns you, changing the email address listed on your profile is fairly easy.

To change your profile back simply:

  1. Open your profile page (hit the “About” button under your personal info)
  2. Scroll to the “Contact Info” box
  3. Hit the “Edit” button. From there you can toggle and decide which email address you want and whether or not it is displayed on your Timeline. If you do not want to receive email in your Facebook inbox, you can hide this address and make the one you favor visible.

Why did you email address change? According to Facebook it is an effort to make email addresses consistent across the site. What do you think?

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