The Value of the Skilled Payroll Professional

Does your company have a truly skilled Payroll Professional processing your payroll? A person who understands and can comply with federal, state and local tax requirements? A person who can do more than just follow a step-by-step checklist of payroll processing? A person who understands each aspect of payroll processing from software requirements to eFiling?

If not, your company is missing a valuable team member. As legislative requirements grow the payroll professional must also grow in knowledge and understanding. This is where hiring a skilled professional is beneficial. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that certified payroll professionals who understand complex payroll transactions have an advantage over their competition. If your employees have an advantage, your company has an advantage. In a time when we are all trying to do more with less, having properly trained employees can make all the difference.

Want to help your bottom-line? Make sure your payroll professional is correctly trained. Consider having your payroll staff participate in training and testing for Payroll Professional Certification. Payroll certification offers a valuable, objective credential that verifies a specific level of knowledge, skills and abilities in the payroll profession. Organizations such as the American Payroll Association can be helpful in assisting your employees gain knowledge, network with other professionals and attain resources to support them as challenges arise.

A skilled Payroll Professional can save an employer many fees associated with tax preparation and filing. Perhaps more importantly, a skilled professional can help avoid penalties by processing payments timely and accurately. Without the knowledge to catch errors as they happen, penalties can catch up with an employer months or even years later.

Properly trained payroll staff is able to effectively communicate with your employees. From check processing and direct deposit statements that are clear and understandable to communicating legislative changes that could affect the employees’ net pay or year-end tax filing a skilled professional is a valuable investment. Technology can help with software such as Employee Self-Service but a knowledgeable payroll professional will add to the employee’s experiences and confidence in their company.

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