Tips & Tricks: How to Update Transactions From Bank Reconciliation to General Ledger

From Leslie Dodd, Oasis Solutions Group Partner and Project Manager

During normal operations, all checks and deposits processed and updated through the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Purchase Order modules are recorded automatically in Bank Reconciliation if integration with Bank Reconciliation is enabled.

It is now possible to use Check, Deposit and Adjustment Entry to enter the cleared documents shown on your bank statement that were not recorded automatically (for example, miscellaneous bank charges, non-check withdrawals, and interest earned) and update them back to General Ledger.

Enter data as shown in the screen shot below. Users can enter a date, a unique entry number, adjustment type, reference, amount, select Cleared, select for G/L Posting (if you wish to post the transaction to G/L), then enter the posting account number and a comment.

After data entry is complete, click on B/R Transaction Register. Click Yes to Save the Changes.

Make sure to change the Posting Date so that the transaction is posted in the correct bank reconciliation period.

The following report will appear:


The above report shows a debit bank charges and a credit to cash will be posted.

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