Tips & Tricks: Print-Screening in Windows

Print-Screening in Windows (i.e., “taking a screen-shot”); and an iPhone Bonus Tip

How many times do you have the need or desire to take a screen-shot of something on your computer screen? Probably lots! Well just like many functions in Windows and other software programs, there’s usually many ways to accomplish the same function. This article focuses on 2 methods for capturing screen-shots:

1.   There’s a tool that’s included with Windows 7 called Snipping Tool (Start Menu > Accessories). This is primarily what I use, and it actually has a few nice features.

2.    Alternatively or if you don’t have Shipping Tool, you can use the Print-Screen button (or Alt & Print-Screen) on your keyboard (often abbreviated on the key, e.g., prt sc). Then you can “Paste” into Word or another comparable program. FYI, Alt & Print-Screen typically will just grab the highlighted window whereas just doing Print-Screen will grab the entire screen. Also note that this option can sometimes be finicky especially when dealing with multiple monitors – as many of us now have these days.

Bonus Tip: To take a screen-shot on your iPhone, simultaneously press the power button and home button. You should hear the camera sound, and that’ll place an image in your Photos. Pretty slick!.

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