Tips & Tricks: Right Clicking in Sage 100 (F/K/A MAS 90 & 200)

From Michael Drury, Oasis Solutions Group Partner & Project Manger

How many times have you been working on entering an invoice and someone comes into your office needing to know if a customer has made a payment to a recent invoice … but they are referring to a customer in one of your other companies?   Normally, you will either minimize your current work or complete the task at hand, then choose to switch companies to open the customer inquiry task.   However, did you know that by using the right mouse click, you can quickly open the inquiry task without having to switch companies?   Instead of changing companies, right click on customer inquiry and choose Open task in new secondary company and enter your company code. You now have full access to the data of that company only for customer inquiry.  When you close the window, you still will be working in the invoice entry for the primary company.  When working in multiple companies on a daily basis, this quick shortcut will save you time.  Just remember that the company code is shown on the window you have open!

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