To record third party sick pay and group term life insurance in payroll For Sage 100

1. Payroll setup


2. Earnings code maintenance

a. Set up new miscellaneous type earnings code

b. Answer no to all taxes except employer taxes


3. Deduction code maintenance

b. Setup new deduction code that equals new earnings

                 code (set W-2 box 12 code)


4. Payroll data entry


a. Start new payroll cycle

b. Answer no to print check

c. Do not automatically pay employees

d. Bring up employee

e. On second screen, use new earnings code and put in

the gross.

f. Use new deduction code. This should come up equal

to the earnings code.

g. Calculate taxes

h. Print data entry audit report

i. Print check register and update

j. Print daily transaction register and update


5. Employee maintenance (for third party sick pay only)


a. Bring up employee

b. Go to the tax summary button

c. Go to federal taxes

d. Click  ‘fix’ at bottom and record the employee

withholding from insurance co and click ok.

(you must have Sage 100 supervisor rights)

e.  Next, put in the state using the above

f. Next, put in the local (if applicable) using the above

g. Ok/accept fix.


6. The above procedure will record the gross and taxes paid  by the insurance company for the employee W-2.  In W-2 printing select the appropriate miscellaneous codes & box 12 codes.


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