Upcoming Webinar: How AP Automation Benefits All Roles – From Specialist to C-Level

The impact of AP automation can be felt throughout the entire AP department – from AP Specialists to the CFO. Whether you are the AP Specialist responsible for routing, coding, and entering the invoice data into your Sage or NetSuite system, or the CFO responsible for providing accurate cash flow to the CEO, AP automation will positively impact your day-to-day operations.

AP and payment automation reduces the manual tasks associated with invoice and payment processing, while providing increased visibility and cash flow management.

On Tuesday, March, 28th at 2 p.m. EST, Oasis Solutions is hosting a webinar with AvidXchange about how AP automation for Sage and NetSuite users benefits all roles, whether you’re a specialist, manager, controller, or CFO. We’re extremely excited to co-host this webinar with AvidXchange and continue to invest in our partnership to support your accounting system.

Automation and the AP Manager
As an AP manager, your goal is to ensure payments of vendor invoices and expense vouchers are timely while maintaining accurate records and control reports. As a supervisor, you’re also responsible for making sure the accounts payable department is performing their duties efficiently.

With paperless invoice processing, the AP manager can easily approve payments in batches and be alerted automatically when issues arise, such as payment disputes with suppliers. This gives you time to focus on higher-level tasks such as overseeing and developing the AP staff and keeping up with the latest technological and financial advancements.

Automation and the Controller

The use of dashboards to monitor activities in an AP operation is one of the most exciting technological developments in automation. The days of poring over spreadsheets are over thanks to dashboard views!

For the controller, dashboards allow a real-time view into all the metrics involved in your company’s cash flow. You can focus on strategic tasks such as improving the department’s productivity and championing new initiatives that will save the business time and money, thus impacting the bottom line.

When it comes to payments, payment automation makes the payment approval process easier and more efficient for Controllers. Personalized business rules automate the routing, matching, and circulation of invoices, which are all configured to your company’s specific needs.

Once your workflow is established, the invoice is automatically routed to the appropriate people for approval when it’s received into the system. The approver then looks at the invoice within the portal, and can either approve it or dispute it.

Automation and the CFO

If you want to leverage your cash-on-hand more efficiently to pay for vendor goods and services, automation provides unprecedented visibility into your organization’s cash flow.

You can assist the CEO in high-level decision-making in ways that help your business grow and become more profitable, such as mergers and acquisitions, capital improvements, launches of new products and services, geographic expansion, and increases in staffing.

Webinar: How AP Automation Benefits All Roles – From Specialist to C-Level

Interested in learning how to present research-based predictions of how the responsibilities of c-level executives will be impacted by AP automation?

Join Aaron Rosenberg from Oasis Solutions, AvidXchange Sales Manager Mike Johnson and AvidXchange Director of Strategic Alliances Jeremy Collins on Tuesday, March, 28th at 2 p.m. EST for this free webinar!

In this session, we’ll discuss the changing landscape of AP and break down the benefits of AP automation by role: specialist, manager, controller, and CFO.

We’ll also provide a live demo of our solution and hold a Q&A.

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