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Setting Purchase Orders to Pull the Standard Cost from Inventory- Regardless of Last Cost

When ordering an inventory item Purchase Order uses the last vendor cost. If there is no last vendor costs it will use the last cost of the item. In order to set Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) to always use the Standard Cost on an inventory item, you must use the following procedures:

  1. Go to Purchase Order > Setup Menu > Vendor Price Level Maintenance 
  2. Select a Vendor that you purchase inventory from
  3. Leave the Pricing Type set at Vendor
  4. Pricing Method should be set at Cost Discount %
  5. Click the Accept button
  6. Click “Yes” at the warning message- it is verifying that this was your intent

If you need help with you Sage 100 software, contact Oasis Solutions Group at or 502-429-6902

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