What Does ERP Stand For?

what does ERP stand for

There are SOOOO many acronyms in our lives today. Do you ever get overwhelmed with them?  I do.

I hope you don’t mind if I share a quick story that happened just today. I was explaining to my husband about a new CSA that I am looking at and need to send them payment. In my world, CSA refers to Community Supported Agriculture. He asked “Who in the world are you paying to look at the Confederate States of America?” He is a history buff and collects Civil War memorabilia, so to him CSA is related to the Civil War. I’m sure everyone has had a similar occurrence.

Moving on to another acronym, ERP has become a hot topic the last several years. When the term first started getting widely used, I could never remember what it stood for. In terms of business, it stands for enterprise resource planning – but just out of curiosity I looked for other meanings. If you are interested, you can look at 102 different meanings of “ERP” here.

When trying to get a good understanding of a broad topic like this, I try to find a source that is not biased. For ERP, I like the explanation Wikipedia gives, and I hope that it will help you gain a greater understanding, especially in relation to your business needs.

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Stay tuned on our ERP path!

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