What is Sage Inventory Advisor for Sage ERP

Recently, Sage introduced Inventory Advisor but many customers are still unsure what it is. Below you’ll find the information you need to get up to speed on this latest offering quickly.

What is Sage Inventory Advisor:

A cloud-based application that delivers data and insights which enable users to reduce excess inventory and working capital. With Inventory Advisor you can monitor inventory, supplier performance tracking, order scheduling and order management.

Inventory Advisor does not replace your current inventory module. Instead it compiles existing functionality, advanced forecasting and planning features in the web-based dashboard. These features work seamlessly with supplier performance tracking, inventory, sales, purchasing and other information in your ERP system.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve fill rates and eliminate stock-outs
  • Reduce excess inventory and carrying costs
  • Reduce time spent crunching numbers and forecasting
  • No hardware installation necessary for this cloud-based application

Need more information? You can find a list of FAQs here or contact Oasis Solutions Group at 502-429-6902 and we can help fill you in on all the benefits.

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