Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Why Buy When You Can Rent?

While on-premise technology might be convenient for businesses, cloud-based solutions – also known as Software as a Service (SaaS) – truly have more to offer. For instance, NetSuite, in addition to being cloud-based, is source system agnostic. In other words, NetSuite can integrate cloud and on-premise data for a seamless user experience, which offers huge cost-savings, flexibility, and scalability.


Cost savings come into play when you look at information technology (IT) costs and resources. Unlike buying a home and expecting it to accrue in value, on-premise technology begins to depreciate out of the boxBusinesses will also need to pay IT employees, handle operational maintenance, and purchase hardware storage. Alternatively, those costs are included in the price of renting space with a software provider such as NetSuite. According to NetSuite’s ERP Data Sheet, IT costs can be reduced by more than 50% with cloud technology.


Additional cost savings can be seen in terms of flexibility. The role-based lead-to-cash model of NetSuite ERP means quick and easy accessibility to NetSuite software – from anywhere, on any device. You no longer have to be in your office to have access to real-time reporting and analytics.


And what if your rented home grew along with you as you collected more furniture or had a baby? That kind of scalability is exactly what you can expect from NetSuite. In 2014, for example, GoPro grew 300% in revenue using NetSuite.


In an article, Chief Technology Officer Stephen Baumer said, “[We] had no desire to build a large on-site server farm. [We] turned to the software vendor NetSuite to provide a wide range of applications under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.”


The fact that businesses no longer need those IT considerations is a testament to the value of implementing NetSuite software.


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