Why More Companies are Considering NetSuite

A few days ago, I was talking with a client that I have worked with since starting at Oasis 10 years ago. During our conversation, I discovered that while Sage 100 is still a vital ERP for their organization, their management and IT were utilizing cloud technology in other functional departments. What they have found were solutions that had time-saving efficiencies and overall costs were less.

The company first started using the cloud to expedite their nightly backups. They were spending too much time changing the backup tapes and then realizing that at times the Thursday tape was put in on Wednesday. Prior to moving to the cloud, they had lost two weeks of work and data because their server crashed unexpectedly and their multiple attempts to restore failed. Eventually, they were able to restore to a new server, but still had the daunting task to install each vital application for the organization. Imagine having to re-enter hundreds of invoices that were sent to your customers, then hoping that your inventory and your receivables are correct.

If this company were using NetSuite as their vital business application, then when their server crashed, the loss in financial, customer and inventory data would have been zero. Employees would be able to process orders normally and would not have been disrupted and burdened with the task to push forward with yesterday’s events as well as today’s opportunities.

This is one example of the many reasons NetSuite can help you achieve your company’s financial goals.

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