Why Time Off is So Important

Why time off is important

Life in British Virgin Islands

So, I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago and trying to think of how to tie that experience into a business lesson. Believe me, while on the trip, I was not thinking of tying it all together. I think the biggest thing I can say is that as the owner of a successful, small business, the time to totally disconnect is invaluable.

The following are the justifications (oops, benefits!) of disconnecting:
1. It clears your mind to think about something other than your business 24×7. This is very healthy both mentally and physically
2. Remove yourself from the fast pace of owning a business
3. Remove yourself from all the daily demands
4. Stop looking at email !
5. Give your employees a chance to make decisions on their own
6. Have a new appreciation for the freedom business ownership gives you both physically and creatively.

While sailing in the British Virgin Islands on a chartered catamaran, I was able to disconnect, give my brain a rest from all the day to day demands and recharge my battery. Of course, all the while trying to figure out how I can live there full time!

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