Year End planning for Sage 100(MAS 90)


If you haven’t already requested year end assistance, now is time to start preparing for payroll year end.  Based upon prior history, we anticipate the release of the Q1 2014 Tax Table Update (TTU’s) around the 3rd week in December and Year-End Interim Release Download (IRD’s) within that same timeframe.

At the writing of this article, we are unsure if there will be an IRD for W-2’s, however now is the time to plan and schedule year end assistance.  For those of you new to the Sage 100 payroll world, keep in mind that you cannot install the TTU’s until after you have printed your W-2’s(Even if you created a historical company, you still cannot load the TTU’s until you have completed the printing of W-2’s.)  So, if you would like assistance with creating historical companies and copying data, installing IRD’s, printing W-2’s and installing the Q1 2014, TTU’s please do the following:

Send an email to with “YEAR END ASSISTANCE” in the subject line.  Include the following information:

  • Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Phone, Contact Email
  • Last Payroll of 2013
  • First Payroll of 2014
  • When you anticipate printing W-2’s?
  • If you are required to do electronic filing (Federal, State, or Both)

If yes for State, please list the:

  • Individual states.
  • Do you use Aatrix?
  • Do you process Fringe Benefits?
  • Do you process 3rd Party Sick Pay?
  • Current version of Sage100:  Ie:  4.40, 4.50, etc.
  • How many companies do you have that process payroll?

After the information is received, a support representative will give you a call to schedule a time to assist you.

For any general year end assistance, not related to payroll, please send an email to with “YEAR END ASSISTANCE” in the subject line and detail out the type of assistance you require and a desired timeframe.


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