Your Company’s Cloud Future

When your management team brainstorms to recommend future initiatives, how often are applications considered? One question you should always ask is, “Do we have the software that reflects our business future?” There are many software applications that will process your transactions well, but what if you could have a single application for the entire organization? Management can access financials and reports, warehouse employees can view incoming orders and outgoing shipments, etc. – anywhere, anytime.


NetSuite is one such application, and many growing companies are switching to it. Not only does NetSuite leverage the power of the cloud, it also has a suite of applications that every person in the organization can use.

NetSuite utilizes the latest technology and provides full accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities for day-to-day activities. A CEO can have relevant company data at their fingertips; with dashboards, they can view KPIs, metrics, and detailed transactions. Operations managers can receive alerts regarding inventory. The Controller can approve accounts payable, and the CFO can approve payments to vendors. Best of all, NetSuite is nimble and scalable enough to meet the demands of your business as it grows.


If your strategy is to have your salespeople increase sales in a specific market, ensuring that they have the right customer relationship management (CRM) tool is imperative. With NetSuite, not only will your customer invoicing and receivables be managed, your salespeople will also have insight into customer history and all ongoing sales opportunities and engagements. Your sales staff can place customer orders during an in-person meeting via their smartphones. Not only does this increase productivity, it gives the salesperson an opportunity to upsell. The just placed order can then be fulfilled by the operations department, ensuring faster delivery.


For further information regarding NetSuite or how your company can leverage the cloud, please contact Michael Drury – or 502-429-6902 ext 229.

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