Oasis Gives Back

Making a Difference Through Acts of Kindness and Generosity
with the Pay It Forward Program

What is the Pay It Forward Program?

At Oasis, we take great pride in cultivating a culture of continual growth and making a positive impact. As a manifestation of our core values—honesty, efficient practices, and expertise—we have developed the Oasis Pay It Forward Program.

This program serves as our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, inspiring our employees to engage in acts of kindness towards both their colleagues and the wider community.

By working together, we can foster a more supportive and uplifting work environment, characterized by open communication, agility, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The Oasis Pay It Forward Program not only helps enhance employee retention and attract top talent, but also contributes to bolstering our company’s reputation.

Why We Do It

The Pay It Forward program thrives at Oasis because it resonates with our core value of gratitude. While our team members cherished gift cards and extra time off, the chance to extend gratitude by sharing their good fortune created a profound impact. The overwhelming enthusiasm stems from the opportunity to support meaningful causes or lend a helping hand to those in need, aligning with what matters most to them. Together, we embrace the power of gratitude and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

How We Do It

The Oasis Pay It Forward program originated as a fresh approach to recognize our team members. In the past, during monthly company meetings, birthdays and work anniversaries were celebrated with the spin of a prize wheel, offering gift cards from Amazon, movies, and more. During Covid, we introduced a Pay It Forward wedge granting team members $100 to donate as they saw fit, spreading kindness to charities, causes, or those in need. It quickly became the most sought-after option, and heartwarming stories of paying it forward flooded in. Over time, all the wheel wedges transformed into Pay It Forward wedges in different denominations. Witnessing the diverse ways our team members give back is truly inspiring.
Employee Testimonials on Paying it Forward

Making a Difference

Tipping Extra/Gifts to Those In Need

Providing support to those in need, from tipping $100 to an overworked server to paying for someone’s groceries or purchase at Goodwill.

Donations to Local Non-Profits

Supporting I Would Rather Be Reading, Dreams with Wings, local animal shelters, food banks, and soup kitchens, Harbor House and more.

Donations to Non-Profit Foundations

Supporting numerous non-profits including Girl Scouts of the USA, American Cancer Society, and more.

Canopy Certified
We are proud to be Canopy Certified, signifying that our organization works to achieve measurable social and environmental good and operates with the highest ethical standards. The Canopy Certification provides a framework for businesses to examine and improve their own practices and be recognized for their verified efforts. The Oasis team is continuously looking for ways to grow their impact on people, our planet, and our future.