NetSuite 1099 Reporting: Expert Insights from Oasis Solutions

Navigating Year-End Tax Requirements with Ease

As businesses approach the end of the fiscal year, the focus shifts towards the critical task of tax documentation and compliance. A significant part of this process for many companies involves the accurate handling of 1099 forms for independent contractors. Oasis Solutions is here to streamline this process for you. Our expertise in NetSuite ensures that you manage your 1099s efficiently, maintaining compliance and precision.


Leveraging NetSuite for Accurate 1099 Management

NetSuite’s robust platform simplifies the management of 1099-MISC forms, making the process of reporting non-employee compensation smoother and more manageable. The initial step is ensuring that your vendor records are meticulously maintained and correctly classified within the system. NetSuite facilitates seamless tracking of contractor payments and categorizes them according to IRS stipulations. The generation of 1099 forms is intuitive, and the system’s strong reporting capabilities allow for a thorough review of your 1099 information to guarantee accuracy and compliance.

With its powerful SuiteApps, NetSuite makes exporting vendor payment data a breeze. These applications seamlessly integrate your financial data with third-party platforms such as Yearli, Sovos, and Track 1099, ensuring a smooth transition and accurate reporting.


Here’s how to navigate the process from installation to report customization:

  1. Install the SuiteApp:

    • Go to ‘Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles’.
    • Review the Terms of Service, agree, and proceed.
    • In the keywords field, input ‘1099 vendor payment’ and start your search.
    • Choose the SuiteApp that aligns with your third-party provider (e.g., ‘1099 Vendor Payment Report Yearli’ for Yearli, ‘Sovos 1099 Payment Vendor Report’ for Sovos, or ‘1099 Vendor Payment Report Track 1099’ for Track 1099).
    • Click ‘Install’ on the bundle details page and confirm the installation.
  2. Access and Customize Your Report:

    • Post-installation, navigate to ‘Reports > Saved Searches’ to find the ‘1099 Vendor Payment Report’.
    • Click ‘Edit’ to customize the report according to your needs. This is where the specifics come into play:
    • Criteria Tab: Review and edit the criteria to ensure the data pulled into your report is accurate.
    • Results Tab: Depending on your provider, replace placeholder values with actual data. For instance, for Sovos, you’ll need to input your unique tax identification number. For Yearli, update values in single quotation marks with your actual company information. If you’re reporting for a company outside the US, set the ‘Payer Foreign Address Indicator’ to true and update the necessary fields.
  3. Review and Export the Report:

    • Before exporting, thoroughly review the report. Remember, the pre-configured Save Search might need adjustments to meet IRS standards.
    • Finally, export the report by clicking the ‘Export CSV’ icon, ensuring you have the correct and accurate data for your 1099 provider.


Ensuring Compliance and Efficiency with Oasis Solutions

Oasis Solutions is committed to enhancing your financial operations’ efficiency and reliability. Properly managing 1099 forms is essential, not only for compliance but also for the smooth operation of your business. Our experts are proficient in NetSuite and are continually updated on the evolving tax regulations. By partnering with Oasis Solutions, you are ensuring that your 1099 processing is in capable hands, paving the way for a smooth and stress-free tax season. Partner with Oasis

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