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Sage Inventory Advisor, powered by Netstock is designed to bridge the gap in your Sage ERP solution and give you the tools you need to optimize your inventory and align supply and demand. With Sage Inventory Advisor, you’ll be able to react rapidly while minimizing the negative impact of supply chain disruptions.

Register for this webinar and see how you can:

  • Save time on planning by placing the right orders quicker.
  • Minimize stock-outs to retain customers and increase sales.
  • Reduce excess inventory so that cash isn’t tied up in the wrong stock.
  • Better plan for volatile supply and unpredictable demand.

PLUS – Netstock will also introduce you to the latest addition to the Sage Inventory Advisor functionality – Pivot Forecasting®, which comes with pre-configured dashboards, easy-to-adopt UI, and world-class machine learning capabilities.

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