Why QuickBooks Is Failing Your Business

Why QuickBooks Is Failing Your Business

Intuit QuickBooks is an accounting application designed for small to midsize businesses, known for its simple interface and basic bookkeeping tools. While the software has a lot to offer for companies in their initial stages, growing businesses find themselves bottle-necked by the solution’s limited capabilities. Here are four reasons companies are hindered by QuickBooks:

  1. QuickBooks limits the amount of data contained within the system. There is a maximum number of entries allowed for each list including items such as customers, vendors, payment methods, and ship-to addresses. This is severely problematic for growing organizations and can have the disastrous and unexpected result of lost or corrupt data (without warning).
  2. QuickBooks restricts your visibility into business performance. QuickBooks provides siloed applications and data making any real-time analysis and accurate business decisions difficult. The software’s limited reporting capabilities often means the continuation of off-system reporting using spreadsheets or additional tools which is labor intensive and costly.
  3. QuickBooks is primarily a general ledger solution. A thriving business needs robust software that creates efficiency and reduces headaches across functions. QuickBooks specifically lacks strong manufacturing and inventory management functionality, relying on third-party integration. Software that supports your entire business instead of just accounting and finance enables your organization to operate more effectively.
  4. QuickBooks’ limited functionality won’t scale with your business. Because QuickBooks was built to support a narrow scope of processes and business offerings, it severely limits companies from expanding their offerings or providing new methods of service and payment.


The number one risk facing organizations outgrowing Quickbooks is waiting too long to implement a new system. Taking a proactive approach with the selection of a new software solution that properly fits your needs will help ensure your business accelerates along its growth trajectory.


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