Why Work With An Implementation Partner?

Why Work With An Implementation Partner

If you’re considering purchasing NetSuite, the #1 cloud ERP on the market, you know there are numerous ways to acquire and implement NetSuite for your business. Should you buy direct from NetSuite or from a partner? What’s the difference and how do you decide the best option for you business? Ultimately, you need to find the implementation solution that best fits your needs and will set your business up for long-term success.

When faced with the partner vs. direct dilemma, there are a few different elements to consider:

1. The purchase of licenses

2. The implementation of the software

3. Any customizations

4. Ongoing assistance


Let’s take each element and analyze the benefits and drawbacks.


The purchase of licenses

A trusted partner like the Oasis Solutions’ sales team understands the NetSuite platform and our team of NetSuite Certified Consultants can provide answers to questions, personalized demonstrations and any information you need through the process.


Our pricing structure matches the NetSuite direct sales team. In fact, we can work with you and NetSuite to get the best terms and dollars for YOU. Oasis can offer financing options to accommodate flexible payment terms.


Oasis is more interested in a long term relationship than a quick sale.  We won’t suggest a direction unless we know it is the correct path for you. We want your company to succeed and become a long term Oasis customer.


When speaking with NetSuite direct, you are speaking to a NetSuite+Oracle sales person with specific agendas that may not be right for your company. Their sales discovery process is not as in-depth as Oasis and often pieces are left out and will be considered change orders during the implementation.


The implementation of the software

Oasis has 28 years of experience implementing ERP software. That experience has taught us many lessons that carry forward into each implementation. Our implementation specialists are CPAs, MBAs, ex-CFOs and controllers giving you not only the software experience but the real world experience that is needed during an implementation.


NetSuite implementation specialists are typically book trained and have not had real world, business experience. They know how to get you from point A to D but can not fill in the practical knowledge that is needed during an implementation.



Oasis will work with your team to understand your business and recommend any customizations that are needed to the software. Your project manager along with the Oasis development team will work with your team to get the right solution.


NetSuite has a development team as well, but does not take the time and care to fully vet out the solution.


Ongoing Assistance

Oasis prides itself on providing superior software assistance to our customers. The breadth of knowledge of business and software allows our team to understand your business and apply your unique situations to a quick answer. Our implementation team works closely with the support team to ensure continuity on your account.


NetSuite’s implementation team is a separate team that does not interface with you or the support team after your project is completed. That leads to much frustration and miscommunication.


Why Buy NetSuite From Experts at Oasis Solutions

In summary, quality NetSuite partners like Oasis Solutions have your long term goals and business strategies in mind. Partners don’t just sell software, they are passionate about understanding your business and committed to your success long after the go live.


Are you interested in talking about your business strategy and how Oasis can assist you with your long term goals? Send an email to aaron@oasisky.com or give us a call at 502-429-6902 x231

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